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Yes, Inc. works with student-athletes to prepare them in a systematic way for college and entrance into the workforce. Participation in sports activities provides a platform for unlimited positive youth development outcomes outside of the obvious health and fitness benefits. YES, Inc. understands the power of sports and utilizes it to:
Improve graduation rates
Increase the college eligibility rates of high school student-athletes
Improve education institutions by maximizing school spirit through athletics & technology
Integrate educational technology in the classroom
Improve the academic success of underperforming student-athletes
Maximize opportunities to create more student-athletes

The model is simple:
1. Attract college-interested student athletes to the program by offering their team an invitation to a high-level/high impact competitive tournament (SMARTBALL CLASSIC)that includes basketball (football, baseball and track coming soon) skills instruction facilitated by expert coaches, former college and professional athletes.
2. Educate the participants on the importance of success in the classroom and introduce them to the NCAA’s academic requirements.
3. Provide an 11 week PSAT/SAT training program.
4. Acquire the participant’s current academic records and track, manage, guide and intervene based on their individual needs.
5. Create mandatory opportunities for parent participation.

Yes, Inc. is also an approved SAT Testing organization that offers program participants the ability to take their SAT exams at Teacher’s College at Columbia University.